Case Packers

Hamrick case packers are manufactured with three principles in mind; simplicity, versatility, durability. Designed with simple operator controls, the functionality to incorporate different product styles, and engineered to the highest durability standards in our industry. Our case packers have speeds ranging from 15 – 60 cycles per minute and can run most rigid containers (metal, glass, and plastic) in various pack patterns. A quick and simple changeover process allows our customers to limit downtime, while our low-cost change parts enable them to run multiple products on the same line.

Use the table below to find the case packer that is right for you.

Bottles per Minute ÷ Bottles per Case = Cycles per Minute / Ex. 240 bottles per minute ÷ 12 bottles per case  =  20 cycles per minute

*Select models can run two cases per cycle

Speeds (up to) Round Containers Round & Non-Round Containers
15 Cycles per minute 300 ”E” 300 “D”
20 Cycles per minute 360* 360 “D”*
25 Cycles per minute Challenger* Challenger “D”*
30 Cycles per minute 600* 600 “D”*
35 Cycles per minute 900* 900 “D”*